I am a media designer and writer. General focus is media and the limits of experience. Favorite methods are video, transmedia, and print for editorial and speculative projects. For PURE TRAUMA see bottom of site.

Silent Hill A Pace of Walking, First Person Scholar

The Work of Drag in the Age of Digital Reproduction, Blunderbuss Magazine

The Cyborg Game: Narrative/Ludic Fusion in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, The Play Versus Story Divide in Game Studies: Critical Essays (with Alexandra Orlando)

M.A. Experimental Digital Media, University of Waterloo, 2015
Worked across Bozeman MT, Chicago IL, and Waterloo ON


PURE TRAUMA, a slip of language, is looking for contributions. Rather than being rooted in narrative, PURE TRAUMA is a way out of narrative: it is a gap in memory, a chasm that seizes when approached, a book that contains words but no letters. PURE TRAUMA is writing that in form, content, or association shakes and tightens itself into atomistic implosion, destroying meaning, revealing nothing.

PURE TRAUMA is the sequel to FEVER DREAMS, a zine of poetry, essays, and postulations about, undoing, or inserted into the fevered image or sequence. PURE TRAUMA is an overtaker, though, not a successor. This edition seeks violence instead of poetics, conceptualizing schemes instead of paradigmatic pluralisms, and historically jointed essays that still terrorize. Be bold, unfearing, and unfeeling—PURE TRAUMA is a cosmology that eats other ones.

Submit speculative writings (essays, critical precis of texts both real and fictional, salon presentations, notes from the field) that circle but never quite puncture the truth of irreconcilable events, healing sessions gone wrong, or pre-pre-history.

Maximum word count is 3,000. There is no minimum word count. All subject matter is welcome but cosmic horror will not be accepted. Email submissions to pure.trauma.publication@gmail.com by May 1, 2019.